Virtual Desktops for Business Agility

With the ability to provide users access to virtual desktops and applications wherever they go, the cloud-based desktop as a service (DaaS) has turned heads. DaaS offers several advantages such as higher operational savings, reduced CapEx, and better security, which makes several small and medium-sized enterprises gravitate toward this desktop virtualization service. As the traction for DaaS grows, Vintage IT Services, a premier managed IT services provider, is aiding small- and medium-sized enterprises with the cloud and enterprise IT knowhow to build secure and stronger business processes and achieve better outcomes. “Vintage differentiates itself in the market by keeping an eye on the unique requirements in the market and taking a proactive approach to finding means to fill those gaps for our clients,” says Jason Smith, Manager of cloud services at Vintage.

As the number of cloud solution providers has grown in the market, Vintage takes upon itself to address the needs of each client and works with them to identify an applicable solution. At the outset of a client engagement, Vintage’s sales engineers assess the pain points of the client and their existing infrastructure. The Vintage team comprehends the client’s business strategy and goals and brings to bear its expertise in both managed services and cloud to recommend the right cloud solution for their business. Upon choosing and deploying the appropriate cloud solution for the client, Smith’s team ensures a seamless transition of the data from on-premise to the cloud.

Vintage breaks the limitations of a small organization and provides enterprise level services to organizations. The company boasts a nimble team and an agile working model, with the ability to provide end-to-end services. The striking aspect of team Vintage is its technicians. Vintage ensures that the technicians hone their skills pertaining to consulting as well as IT. Smith says that they overcome the conventional practice of looking at technicians with merely an IT background. They handpick top talent and train them on Vintage’s catalog of solutions.

Backed by a team that ensures maximum uptime and operational efficiency, Vintage has emerged as a force multiplier to its clients. For instance, a healthcare organization with 20 employees planned to expand and acquire other organizations as part of their business strategy. As an organization managing a repository of personally identifiable information and HIPAA data, the client faced security and compliance impediments. Upon Vintage’s suggestion, the client switched to DaaS that helped in securing the cloud and the related systems using intrusion detection systems and DDoS protection. While this move reduced the CapEx drastically, the client grew to nearly 100 employees while carrying out a number of successful acquisitions. Another paragon of Vintage’s services is a Dallas-based client who addressed the challenges related to security, mobility, and high availability for its 120 users using Vintage’s DaaS service.

On the road to the future, team Vintage aims to bring in more solutions that can improve the security in the existing environments. While several customers are reaping the benefits of DaaS and hosted infrastructure, there is an increase in requirement pertaining to HIPAA and PCI compliance, DDoS, and intrusion detection and protection. “Although the hunt for more innovative solutions never ends, we know that when a requirement comes to Vintage, no stone will be left unturned,” concludes Alex Ladwig, CTO at Vintage.

Location: Austin, TX


Management: Jason Smith, Manager of Cloud Services; Alex Ladwig, CTO

Description: An expert in managed services and cloud who provides virtual desktop services to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Quote: “Although the hunt for more innovative solutions never ends, we know that when a requirement comes to Vintage, no stone will be left unturned.”