Vintage IT Services is a recognized leading provider of Managed IT Services in Austin, Texas.

From the most basic technical needs to complex issues such as security analysis and network optimization, our experienced team provides industry-leading managed IT services to all of the clients we serve, from small businesses to large government agencies.

At Vintage IT Services, we are committed to helping our clients grow their business by taking away the burden of day to day technology infrastructure issues.

We understand that in the modern era, most businesses heavily rely on the use of technology. IT issues can bring productivity to a standstill and have a severe impact on profits.

Take Advantage of Complete Managed IT Service Solutions

Vintage IT Services has over 18 years’ experience providing managed IT services in Austin, Texas, for small and medium businesses and government entities. For our clients, that means 18 years of implemented policies, procedures, and support tools that empower our staff to perform their roles efficiently and effectively.

Vintage brings to its clients a formal proven process for managing our client’s IT rather than a reactive or individual technician dependent approach. Our approach includes dedicated assigned resources for proactive work to drive down the costs of IT and drive up the value (ROI) of IT to ownership. 

We have the expertise and certifications to provide you with the appropriate support when your users and business are faced with technical issues.

Managed IT Services Features

IT Consulting

Our team of experts will compile and draft reports with details on the performance of your network and computers and schedule a time to review in person.

IT Security

We have unparalleled knowledge of the ever-increasing digital risks to your business and the means and experience to best protect you from them.

Cloud Services

We provide industry-leading cloud services like cloud computing, backup, and restoration.

Computer Support

We proactively ensure that life and integrity of your workstations and machines are meeting best practices in IT.

Hosted VoIP

Unified communications solution that encompasses voice messaging, conference calls, video conferencing, and more.

Network Support

Our experienced staff and competitive rates make us the ideal network management partner to support your business's network infrastructure and performance.

Disaster Recovery

We provide a cost-efficient and agile solution to implement or replace dated business disaster recovery plans.

Offsite Replication

If there were to be a disaster like fire or flood or more ordinary issues like tape failure, theft, or a disgruntled employee, your business is protected.

We bring unique features to our Managed IT Services including:

Our proactive approach to Managed IT Services means we learn about your business and advise your business on how to use IT effectively.

Best of all, our clients are serviced by technicians specialized in their delivery areas as opposed to a jack-of-all-trades approach. 

Working with us our clients have found that they can truly focus on their business while we focus on IT. Our clients never have to worry about warranties expiring or long phone calls with third-party vendors because we take care of every aspect related to information technology.

A dedicated Network Admin and vCIO are proactively engaged with all of our clients on a regular basis. This allows us to stay ahead of your technology and make continuous recommendations for improvements to your network and computers.

two vintage it services reps looking over paperwork

The bottom line, Vintage IT Services supports over 100 clients throughout Texas. We know what to do.

If you are looking for experts to proactively monitor and support your IT and bring your network and computers to best practices, then without a doubt Vintage Managed IT Services is the right choice.