Desktop vs Laptop vs Tablet

Desktop vs Laptop vs Tablet

2021 will offer several different types of personal computers for purchase such as desktops, laptops and tablets. As soon as you decide to buy a new computer the big question then is “should I buy a desktop, a laptop, or a tablet?”

In this newsletter we will explain the main differences and hopefully make your choice easier.


This type of computer is usually much bigger than a laptop. A fully working ‘set’ should consist of the workstation itself, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.  This device is generally intended to be permanently set up at a desk.


  • Best choice for multitasking. Running many parallel processes can increase your CPU usage to 100% on a laptop and significantly reduce performance.
  • If you want to leave your computer running for days without shutting down the system, you don’t have to worry about a battery running down.
  • Desktops can be repaired more easily and often more cheaply than laptops.
  • Depending on the case you choose, you can upgrade the whole system a bit at a time at a moderate cost and you can have an updated system running all the new software/games.


  • Unless you have a car, you can not move it. You buy it, place it near your desk and there it stays.
  • Desktop computers take up a lot more space than a laptop.


Laptop computers can be the size of a pretty big book and nowadays are extremely lightweight!  They are usually equipped with a camera, a microphone, and (sometimes) a CD/DVD player. There is no need for a mouse since there is always a touchpad although one can be added if preferred.


  • The basic reason that people choose laptops is portability.
  • They can easily be moved around and connected to Wi-Fi spots.
  • Perfect for use with a cloud solution or hosted desktops.


  • When you are not home it is running in battery mode, unless you can find a convenient power source.
  • CPU, Memory, Disk are not so good as they would be in a desktop. Laptops are generally not suitable for multi-tasking.
  • Laptop’s have limitations on what can be upgraded. Unlike a desktop, laptops are typically all-in-one units and can be difficult to upgrade.


A tablet is another solution. A bit smaller than laptops and larger than smartphones. They are not suitable for graphic design or multitasking, but they are small and the perfect computer if you want to browse the Internet any time and are handy for note taking; ideal when you are in a conference.


  • Portability (can work from everywhere and small enough to put in handbags)
  • Low weight (lighter than most laptops)
  • Can be used as a GPS navigation device
  • Offer the same functionality as a normal computer
  • Longer battery lifetime than laptops


  • Hardware is prone to damage
  • Weaker capabilities
  • Traditional keyboards are much more comfortable
  • The screen size is too small in comparison with a laptop
  • Higher cost
  • Fewer ports for peripherals
  • Cannot embrace massive amounts of data
  • The type and speed of the input process (inputs with tablet PCs are slower than those with laptops)


Choose your computer type wisely based on its planned usage.

If you want to move every single day from one room to another and from one building to another then definitely look into a laptop or tablet.

If you are a graphic designer, a programmer, or want to build something that needs CPU power and RAM then go ahead a buy yourself a desktop.

No matter what device you decide to go with, Vintage IT Services can assist you in the purchase and configuration of your new device!