Small & Medium Business IT Support

Since few things in small business change more quickly than the technology, who do you rely upon to support your work? With Vintage IT Services in Austin, Texas, you can always be sure that you will have access to support and the latest tools when you need them.

Managed IT Support for Small & Medium-sized business includes the management of computers, servers, networks, and applications for businesses no matter their size.

Our specialists can provide you with the right blend of service and IT support so that you can focus on running your business.

Features of our Managed IT Support for Small & Medium Business

Central management of systems to protect the client’s network against viruses, spyware, malware, trojans, and other attempts by outsiders to compromise the network.

Evaluation and ongoing support of all operation files assuring that in the event of any failure or operational threat, the data can be recovered.

Eliminate the need to purchase hardware for applications that will run in a Cloud that is fully managed by Vintage IT Services.

Development of procedures to enable an organization to either maintain or quickly resume critical functions within a specified time frame, minimizing loss to the organization.

Lessen the risk of data loss, minimizes threats to data integrity, and avoid productivity slowdowns during data transport.

Support, management, and monitoring of email and email security.

Remedial repair and maintenance of hardware to include PC, server, network, and printing devices.

Tracking and inventorying software licenses for an organization.

Specifying, ordering, receiving, tracking, warranty tracking, and service renewals on the client’s behalf.

This service enables systems to monitor servers, desktops, printers, and other network devices to proactively identify problem areas.

Service desk support for IT-related issues including hardware and software support, logging of problems, dispatch of service technicians or parts, and training coordination.

The dispatch of technicians to a client’s site for the purpose of remedying problems that can not be fixed remotely.

Includes cabling & cable management, Internet connectivity, firewall, wireless networking, switching, and power management.

The management of all software enables changes required to assure the overall updating and upgrading of a system or network.

Documentation and reporting of the overall condition of the network in a pre-determined format and time frame.

The Business Benefits

Affordable Fixed Rates

Vintage IT Services offers guaranteed service levels at a guaranteed price. The fixed pricing solutions provide scalability as your business continues to grow.

Overall, Vintage IT Services offers small business owners a simple and cost-effective method for consuming technology services.

business reporting showing growth
small business IT support for multiple business locations illustration

Seamlessly Add Locations

We can extend, connect, and integrate your small business from 1 location to dozens of locations.

Imagine how much your business could save if you had the remote tools, security & capability in place. You can work seamlessly from anywhere and deliver solutions to your clients as if you were sitting in your office headquarters.

Proactively Manage Your Network & Computers

Our small business IT Service Solutions are structured to reliably deliver up-time and reduce technology spending.

Using preventive maintenance, monitoring, and supporting your operation with best-practice management tools we are able to offer this solution for a fixed fee. The result is predictable and reliable performance.

IT specialist working on a small business network and computers

Our support plans are available to businesses with:

  • An on-premise network for our clients who prefer to retain all of their technical equipment in-house and onsite
  • Clients with a hybrid network and have a mix of on-premise and hosted solutions
  • Clients who are completely working in a virtual environment

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