Vintage Backup Solution Powered by VEEAM

Quickly, easily, and securely create a remote, cloud-based server backup to our servers when you combine Vintage IT Services’ backup solutions with VEEAM Cloud Connect.

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Our top of the line facility is not the only reason to leverage Vintage IT Services for your VEEAM backups and/or data repository – we also have an entire team of highly skilled engineers to support and advise you on your entire backup solution.   

If you happen to already leverage VEEAM internally, Vintage IT Services can function as a secondary repository for your data and can even work with your IT staff to implement a disaster recovery plan utilizing our cloud infrastructure. 

This opens possibilities such as automatic failover for your server infrastructure or the ability to temporarily spin up your entire environment in our cloud in the case of a natural disaster.

Having a full system image backup is critical in many circumstances.

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of companies that do not have a disaster plan in place will not survive a natural disaster.
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of companies that have a disaster plan in place are still not properly prepared for a disaster.
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of companies are completely unable to recover their data after a malware attack.

Avoid Disaster with VEEAM Backup Solutions

Unlike many of the backup solutions offered today, we backup complete system images that include:

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With a complete system image backup powered by VEEAM, you save weeks of downtime as well as the cost of having to rebuild your entire IT infrastructure from scratch.   

  • Complete snapshots of the devices being protected are done weekly.
  • Incremental backups adjusting the snapshot with any changes that were made to the data throughout the day are done nightly.

Additionally, there is a phone app that you can download allowing you to restore your own files to their original location without even having to contact us!

Your Data Is Secure at Our Tier IV Data Center at Data Foundry in Austin, Texas

A Tier IIV data center means that your data is stored at a top of the line facility which includes but is not limited to:

To take advantage of a full featured, 200GB 30-day trial, contact us today!