Offsite Replication

Protect Your Business from Disaster

With today’s technology, there’s no reason to leave your company’s critical data unprotected. Whether you perform multiple backups a day, once a day, or once a week, replicating those backups to a secure offsite location gives the business owner peace of mind.

Remote replication is a well-established practice that can replace traditional backup and enhance disaster recovery planning. With offsite replication, after backups run the data is securely replicated to a remote site.

If there were to be a true disaster like fire or flood, your business is protected. You’ll also be protected against more ordinary issues like tape failure, theft, or even a disgruntled employee.

Offsite Replication is Reliable, Secure, & Cost-Effective

Many small businesses copy important files onto removable hard drives and store them in another location. With this, the risk is great.

If the storage device fails, or tapes get lost, damaged, or stolen, the data is gone. A removable disk can be stolen from the vehicle in which it is being transported.

With Offsite Replication, storing your data and files on servers located off-site can be automated, so you can rest assured that your company data is backed up, and always up-to-date.

Vintage IT Services leverages VEEAM for our Offsite Replication. We have the capability to scope out and build an entire disaster recovery solution for you or simply serve as an offsite repository should you already have VEEAM in place.

With Vintage Offsite Replication your data is captured and encrypted by VEEAM and then transferred to our Tier IV data center at Data Foundry in Austin, Texas.

By default, we hold onto this data for a 45 day period but this can be adjusted to whatever length of retention is necessary.

In the case that multiple backup repositories are necessary, we can also send your encrypted data to our Tier IV data center in Chicago for an extra layer of protection and/or to meet any compliance that is in place.

Features of Our Offsite Replication Solutions

Supports a Nearly Unlimited Amount of Backup Space

Billed on a Monthly Basis​

Tier 4 data centers available in both Austin and Chicago for secure off-site replication of your critical data

A copy of your data is stored locally to vastly improve the speed of any data restores

Your business will benefit by being able to budget accordingly and you will get a full-service secure facility that’s staffed and managed.

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