Vintage IT Services offers cloud services that are all local and based in Austin, Texas.

We have made a major investment in our data center to be able to provide industry-leading cloud hosting services like cloud computing, cloud backup, and cloud restorations.

Our Cloud Solutions Are Cost-Effective

Businesses today depend heavily on Managed IT Services to support their operations and as a result, businesses looking to become more agile and responsive to the changing market landscape are turning to the cloud.

Our cloud services might be the data protection plan that works best for your business if you desire the security and features of a full server, without the cost of owning the equipment.

With our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services the next time you need new hardware, if your applications will support the Cloud, we can offer you a very low-cost monthly alternative to having to buy and house hardware at your location.

With our Platform as a Service (PaaS) services your Microsoft software can also be rented monthly instead of having a large capital expense. Now for a low monthly cost per user, everyone in your company can get the newest release of Office 365 at no additional cost, each time Microsoft releases a new version.

We have customers ranging from small businesses to statewide agencies who are making the move to the cloud.

Features of Our Cloud Services

Locally Owned and Managed Help Desk

Our company offers cloud services that are all local and based in Austin, Texas. We have made a major investment in our data center to be able to provide industry-leading cloud hosting services for cloud computing, cloud backup, and cloud restorations.

We are able to call it local because we have a fully redundant and virtualized data center right here in Austin, Tx, with a secondary data center in Chicago for businesses that require out of State replication.


Cloud based computing is all about “application”, “storage” and “connectivity”. In short, you get access to a shared pool of virtual resources such as networks, servers, storage applications, and services that are easily scalable and can be provisioned on demand.

Every business is different and what may be important or relevant to your business may be very different from another. Vintage IT works with you to determine how you use information technology to run your business and then customizes solutions to support those needs.

Secure With Top Tier Encryption

Cloud services might be the data protection plan that works best for your business if you desire the security and features of a full server, without the cost of owning the equipment.

We have customers ranging from small 3-person shops to statewide agencies who are making the move to cloud.


Vintage IT has a menu of cloud solutions including Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

Our partnership with Citrix allows us to help our clients improve IT performance in the workplace while reducing the cost of replacing hardware and software. Since the operating system (OS) lives entirely in our cloud, we can offer our clients cloud-hosted virtual desktops to any device, from anywhere.

Our DaaS solution also includes hosting applications and email all accessible with a simple internet connection.

Reduction in Infrastructure Costs

Vintage IT Services Cloud Solutions offers significant cost savings, as it reduces the overhead cost of server hardware and other applications, deploys new services quickly, scales seamlessly to meet our clients’ demands and provides operational flexibility.

We have made a 2 million dollar investment to give all of our clients the same level of security as a fortune 500 company may require without issuing the burden of cost on our clients.

Office 365

As a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider with Microsoft, Vintage IT Services will guide you through the complexities of finding the right Microsoft Office 365 licensing combinations to suit your business needs, compliance and GDPR requirements.

We consult, configure, and deploy solutions to meet your specific business needs while continuing to manage the environment on a daily basis.

Vintage IT can advise your business on a wide range of Office 365 solutions and provide full managed IT support across the Office365 suite of services. We also advise on additional methods to protect your Office 365 environment by incorporating solutions like 2 factor authentication.

Vintage Cloud Services FAQ

Cloud computing is the most popular and efficient way for businesses to have the delivery of their computing services managed over the internet including databases, storage, servers, networking, and software.

With our cloud computing services, you remove the extra expense needed for buying equipment and software as well as the needed management and upkeep of your cloud data.

We have chosen Data Foundry and their world-class Texas 1 Data Center as our colocation partner.

Texas 1 provides a 24/7, 365 days a year secured facility, carrier-neutral network accessibility, and 100% concurrently maintainable power and cooling infrastructure. Texas 1 is SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II compliant.

4 redundant Tier 1 providers provide the reliable connectivity you need to access your data and applications. Moving inward on our network stack, we built our network using Cisco Datacenter and Enterprise class hardware, providing full redundancy across our entire front end and storage networks.

Customers also have the option to “patch in” their private ISP or MPLS network into their hosted environment.

Texas 1 provides redundant power feeds supplied by separate 400MW capable substations. Each substation is powered by independent power plants on the ERCOT electric grid, with each power plant utilizing divers power generation resources.

For added reliability, Data Foundry built a dedicated, end-to-end, concrete reinforced underground feed. Six 2.5 MW Caterpillar generators (N+1) and 50,000 gallons of on-site, underground fuel storage ensure that if there is a problem with the power grids, your environment will still be accessible.

Physical access to the Texas 1 facility is controlled by on-site 24x7x365 Data Foundry Security Staff.

Physical access to our private cage within the data center is controlled by Vintage IT Services management staff, via a central management portal.

PCI Compliant Syslog servers and intrusion detection systems are in place, facilitating detection of unwanted traffic to all back-end infrastructure.

These Intrusion Detection systems can easily be leveraged by customers to gain further protection into their private Virtual Data Center.

Network bandwidth is continuously monitored to ensure proper Quality of Service for all customers.

Temperature and Humidity within the data center are monitored 24x7x365 by Data Foundry facilities engineers, and independently by Vintage ITS dedicated monitoring systems.

All customers are provisioned a shared or dedicated firewall to protect their applications and data.

Data Foundry managed camera recording and storage, in accordance with regulatory compliance standards.

  1. Enterprise-class servers connect to our core infrastructure via multiple, redundant, 10Gigabit network connections. Cisco Datacenter and Enterprise-class hardware provide a fully redundant network infrastructure to maintain application and data availability.

  2. Vintage ITS is a Certified VMWare Service Provider Partner, and we leverage the VMware vCloud Suite as our IaaS software and hypervisor.

  3. For storage, we utilize Enterprise Class storage arrays made by EMC, connected to our infrastructure via a redundant 8Gbps Fibre Channel SAN Fabric. Our SANs feature redundant power, controllers and connectivity to all hosts.

  4. All hardware, where possible, has redundant power supplies. Switches that do not have that option have a redundant switch in place to minimize the risk of failure. All hardware is covered by repair / replace warranties.

  5. All server loads are closely monitored to ensure we have the capacity to host all Virtual Machines running properly in the case of a server failure.
  1. Leveraging our partnership with Veeam, we use their industry-leading software to back up virtual machines in our cloud environment. We also have the capability to backup on a file-level, with a very easy and fast “One-Click File Restore” feature available to restore files quickly and securely.

  2. All virtual machines are backed up nightly to a separate storage cluster, providing fast recovery from a catastrophic condition.

  3. A 2nd copy of the backup data is copied to a 2nd independent storage cluster to ensure backup data availability in case of an issue with the primary backup storage.

  4. Additional backups to an offsite location are available for all customers. This offsite location can be a Vintage ITS managed environment or even your own storage in your remote office.

Vintage IT Services is a Certified Microsoft SPLA Partner. Vintage IT Services is also listed on the Microsoft Authorized License Mobility Partner List.

These partnerships and certifications allow us to rent licenses for various Windows Server and desktop applications. They also allow customers to leverage their Software Mobility Rights with certain Microsoft applications to move them into the Vintage Cloud.

Customers leveraging our SPLA agreement gain the benefit of free software upgrades as the new versions are released.

We are recognized as one of the fastest growing solutions providers in the world.

Are you ready to see if moving to the cloud is the right move for your business?