Server Maintenance & Monitoring

Server Maintenance & Monitoring

Cost Savings

Whether you are operating a small or enterprise-level business, the loss of productivity during a network outage can result in a financial hit against your bottom line. Proper network monitoring will allow you to anticipate potential outages and address network problems proactively to reduce any risks to your business.

Network monitoring software will also help you to understand which network elements are being used (or overused) and which are underused. It may also help you to discover unnecessary costs that can be eliminated, or identify a network component that requires upgrading to maintain future performance.

Finally, network monitoring provides cost savings in the form of reduced manpower from your IT team. Reliable monitoring software can reduce the time required to troubleshoot network issues and allow your team to focus on other tasks.

Network Performance

Monitoring is the best way to keep a pulse on the performance of your business’s network. Active monitoring can assist you in catching problems early before they impact your daily operations

Network monitoring software will provide you with real-time data on a wide range of metrics, including bandwidth usage, packet loss, jitter, latency, and much more. This detailed overview of your system will enable your IT team to easily identify the source of any problems.


Although it should not be your only security solution, network monitoring can help you provide enhanced cyber security for your business and prevent intrusions like ransomware attacks.

There are many ways to detect a security risk on your network. Unusual traffic spikes or unfamiliar devices connected to the network may be early signs of a cyber attack, and network monitoring can spot these red flags.

Proper network management can also prevent your users from accidentally accessing harmful websites that could affect your network. Your network can be configured to block access to harmful sites and strengthen security protocols, with the assistance of monitoring. These tactics will help improve the overall security of your network.


The time required to troubleshoot network problems is greatly reduced with proper monitoring. Network monitoring software should provide you with clear benchmark data on your network’s normal performance, which will show you where abnormalities are appearing and effectively trace them back to their root cause.

Active monitoring will also help you to troubleshoot proactively, rather than reactively. This approach will help your business avoid the financial losses that may come with a network outage.

Usage Trends

Monitoring will help you see usage trends for different time slots and geographies. By identifying usage patterns, you will be able to identify peaks in demand and allocate resources to deliver a better experience for your users.

You can also track the usage of specific applications to understand what’s popular with a specific group or location. This information can help improve your systems for both internal usage and client-facing applications.

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