Vintage IT’s Hosted VOIP Solution – A Secure Phone & Video Conference Solution for your Business

Vintage IT’s Hosted VOIP Solution – A Secure Phone & Video Conference Solution for your Business

On April 1st we kicked off our Ingredients for Technology Success series, and over the weeks we’ve provided our readers with the benefits of Desktop, Laptop & Server Support, DaaS, Server Maintenance & Monitoring, Backup Solutions for your servers, and workstations, the rise of Office 365, Intrusion Detection, and Disaster Recovery.

This week we will focus on Vintage IT’s Hosted VOIP solution and why a surge in hosted VOIP solutions have become vital for business post-COVID-19.

What is VoIP?

VoIP, also known as voice over internet protocol, is an affordable unified communications solution that encompasses voice messaging, conference calls, video conferencing, and more.

With hosted VoIP solutions through Vintage IT Services, your company will have a true Private Branch Exchange (PBX) with advanced customer service functions at an unbeatable price. Installing a hosted VoIP service at your business will streamline all communication-based processes, ensuring your employees will have a reliable business phone system for contacting customers, clients, and team members.

Benefits of VoIP

There are a number of benefits to VoIP telephony for businesses. Considering the current situation, VoIP technology is highly scalable, meaning that the service can be rolled out to a large number of workers quickly and remotely.

Additionally, Vintage IT Services stores all business call data securely at a centralized location. This removes the need to store this data on personal devices like phones and laptops which may not have strong security protections, keeping data safe even with all staff working from home.

VoIP-hosted calls are usually anonymized, which helps to keep the identity of callers safe from those who gain access to the system.

VoIP telephony, like all internet communications, is not guaranteed to be secure at all times. However, given the mass move to home working, VoIP calls give office workers a vast amount of flexibility while also providing a number of security features that make their use safer to use.

No matter what methods of virtual interaction your business is using, the risks of insecure communication are too great to ignore at this moment in time. Our sales professionals are happy to answer your questions so give us a cal to learn more.