Is Your Organization Prepared to Work Remotely?

Is your organization prepared to work remotely?

Vintage IT Services can transition any location with a decent internet connection into your office.

With the ongoing coronavirus outbreak getting worse worldwide there has been much discussion about working remotely to help combat its spread. With Vintage Cloud hosted services you will no longer have an interruption to workflow due to you or your staff having to work from home or anywhere outside of the office.
Having a mobile workforce is one of the primary advantages of having your infrastructure hosted in the Vintage Cloud. Not only does it allow for a seamless transition to a remote employee base in unfortunate times like these, but additionally allows your organization to save on office space, keeps your data more secure and allows you to scale up/down operations with unmatched efficiency.
Due to the nature of the Vintage Cloud, there is very little (if any) server hardware located at your office relieving you of the responsibility and costs of maintaining your current and any future server infrastructure. This allows your organization to focus those resources on growth and profit or anywhere else they may be needed.
If you are interested in learning more about what cloud services we offer and how they can improve your mobility, security and productivity please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Vintage IT Services.