Please Be KIND to Cyclists

Please Be KIND to Cyclists


It’s exciting times at Please BE KIND to Cyclists (Please BE KIND), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, as they will be participating for the first time in the annual Amplify Austin in March 2016 with the goal of helping to fund this year’s Bus Wrap Campaign.

The organization is committed to saving lives by promoting awareness through educational efforts. In this spirit, Please BE KIND will be conducting its annual roadway safety awareness campaign during National Bicycle Safety Month in May 2016. The campaign consists of three messages; Cyclist VIP, Safe Passing, and Hands Free. The first message speaks to the cyclists and the other two messages help remind Austinites of the vulnerable road users and hand-held devices city ordinances. The messages will be advertised on the back of 30 Capital Metro buses starting in April 2016. PBK is proud to have partnered with Vintage IT Services as a sponsor of last year’s campaign and has availability in this year’s campaign for businesses looking for exposure alongside these positive messages.

Please BE KIND was founded nine years ago on the basic principle that automobile drivers and bicyclists can co-exist on the same roads. Campaigns like the Bus Wrap help support the organization’s goals of educating the general public on sharing the road and the dangers of distracted driving when it comes to vulnerable road users.

“Vintage IT Services had the opportunity to ‘ride on the back of the bus’ in support of the Please Be Kind to Cyclists campaign. Seeing the logo around town is a great reminder to drivers to slow down and be careful.”


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