Effective Edge For Professionals

Effective Edge For Professionals

Most professionals start each day with a parade of voicemail, e-mail, paperwork, interruptions, and responsibilities. By the end of the day you may be wondering what you have forgotten and feel overwhelmed living out of your inbox.

The Effective Edge is an Austin based company that restores the balance between people and their work. Their proven system, called EDGE for Professionals, leverages the full power of Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Gmail.

You literally leave the class with an empty inbox and tools to manage workflow, restoring balance to life.

For the latest on Productivity, Communication, Leadership, Engagement, and Innovation, follow their blog, FIVE.  Here’s a brief synopsis on their latest article,  5 Ways to Promote a Culture of Accountability.

1. Model it. As a leader, do what you say you’re going to do. This modeling demonstrates the keeping of agreements, as well as showing others how to do that.

2. Clear Communication. Written is best. If in-person, ask the employee to read back what they’ve written to make sure you both have the same understanding of what is to happen.

3. Commitment. When requesting something be done, add a due date to ensure there isn’t a time conflict.

4. Renegotiation Framework. When you cannot deliver, a renegotiation framework provides a process to recommit to the work.

5. Personal Brand. It’s always powerful as a professional to ask yourself, “Am I reliable?”. One technique is to collect all your agreements in one place. Make three columns: today’s date | What Action? | To Whom? | By When? This was the first – and very effective system that Effective Edgetaught.

If you want to learn more about leveling up your game, team, and organization, Effective Edge has powerful programs to support you.

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