How to Protect your Business from Hackers

How to Protect your Business from Hackers

Does your company have the IT security it needs?

Vintage IT is offering a service that can actively monitor your network for intruders!


Vintage IT Service’s¬†Intrusion Detection service.

Large companies and State agencies conduct security assessments on a periodic basis to assess their IT risks. Small businesses have the same risks and are usually easier targets for hackers.

As a result of these assessments most large companies and State agencies choose to improve their security maturity by implementing technology to address various issues found in the audits. Small businesses may not be able to afford regular audits from a 3rd party but they can afford the same solutions used by the big companies.

A common area for improvement is improving security monitoring and event analysis. In other words the ability to detect threats. Creative, talented, and aggressive attackers continue to drive the threat world into new areas. One of the main ways a company can deal with suspected or actual cybersecurity incidents is to record cybersecurity-related events, monitor them on a continual basis, and investigate suspected cybersecurity breaches thoroughly and remediating the issues.

Vintage IT Services has a Cloud based solution that will address detecting and monitoring threats. These are cost effective solutions that even small businesses can afford. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems collect security log events and store them in a central place where they can be analyzed and reported on.

If you would like to learn more please reach out to Vintage IT Services by email or telephone at 512-481-1117 x116 and we will arrange a telephone call or personal visit with one of our Austin based security engineers.