DaaS and Mobility

With the release of our new video we would like to use the next few newsletters to focus on specific topics mentioned in the video. For today’s topic we are going to discuss Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and the mobility that it provides.

The recent explosion in mobile devices and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs have greatly increased the demand for DaaS.  DaaS offers an easy, secure way for employees to continue working on the same Windows desktop, applications and files as they move from desktop to notebook to tablet to smartphone. Desktop as a Service is the easiest way to deliver a managed Windows experience on an unmanaged device. Accessing cloud software such as Hosted Exchange and Salesforce through DaaS can add an extra element of enterprise management, regulation and security compared with direct web access from a personal mobile browser.

The ability to use any device, from anywhere is now possible with a DaaS solution.  For instance, a state trooper may need to photograph an accident scene with a smartphone, begin filling in a form on her notebook in the patrol car, and then complete the report on a desktop at the office.  With DaaS this whole experience happens seamlessly on the same virtual desktop.  The officer will save precious time by not having to transfer their form data and photographs between devices. Instead, she will be working in the same Window’s environment whether she is on her tablet in the field or working on a desktop back at the station.

With DaaS Vintage IT Services manages the entire virtual environment including desktop images, data storage, backups and upgrades.

“DaaS provides all the benefits of desktop virtualization while transferring the capital investment and technical difficulty to the cloud provider, who has the domain expertise to mitigate much of the risk,” says Simon Bramfitt, founder and principal analyst of Entelechy Associates.

Here at Vintage IT Services we have the expertise to assist you in moving to The Cloud. We can design, build and manage your cloud infrastructure for you allowing your team to work on the go and for you to focus on what you are good at. If you are interested in finding out if DaaS is something that will work for your company please do not hesitate to reach out to us!