Vintage IT Services’ Backup Solution powered by VEEAM

Benefits of a VEEAM powered Backup Solution

Keep reading to learn why it is necessary to have a true backup solution implemented!

Powered by VEEAM
Vintage IT Services Backup Solution
With the very real threat of Ransomware increasing and data security becoming a crucial aspect of business management, secure offsite backups are now an essential component of IT security. Ransomware is continuously “improved” by hackers and can encrypt external drive backups and even jump networks. In order to protect your data you need an offsite backup that is encrypted not only at rest but while it is being transferred offsite.
Here at Vintage IT Services we leverage VEEAM for our backup and recovery offerings. VEEAM not only encrypts your data at all times but it also backs your data up incrementally on a nightly basis (this can be adjusted) so that your backed up data is as up to date as possible should a restore ever be necessary.
VEEAM takes a complete snapshot of the devices being protected on a weekly basis. This is a full backup including not only your data but the software, configurations, Active Directory information etc. Then, on a nightly basis, it takes incremental backups adjusting the snapshot with any changes that were made to the data throughout the day.
Once your data is captured and encrypted by the device we install on premise the data is then transferred to our Tier IV data center at Data Foundry in Austin Texas. By default we hold onto this data for a 45 day period but this can be adjusted to whatever length of retention is necessary.
In the case that multiple backup repositories are necessary, we can also send your encrypted data to our datacenter in Chicago for an extra layer of protection.
If you happen to already leverage VEEAM internally, Vintage IT Services can function as a secondary repository for your data and can even work with your IT staff to implement a disaster recovery plan utilizing our cloud infrastructure.
If you are interested in further discussing Vintage IT Service’s Backup Solution or anything else that we offer please do not hesitate to reach out to us!