Myth-busting Cloud Computing

Many business owners are concerned that cloud computing is not secure and costs too much. Compared to most onsite solutions, hosting with a cloud provider is both more secure and closely monitored.  Another myth – high cost – can be addressed by looking at IT from a broad perspective, as part of your overall business picture. The smart business owner looks at IT as an important factor in business growth.  By utilizing a cloud-based IT model, with scale-able resources, predictable costs, and minimized risk, you can transform your IT from a cost center to a business driver.

If you consider moving your IT to the cloud, start with the business case. Understand a clear definition of why the company as a whole will be better off. Cloud Services might be the data protection plan that works best for your business if you desire the security and features of a full server, without the cost of owning the equipment. Some of the most common justifications are increased scale-ability or high availability, improved disaster recovery or business agility, and infrastructure and staff cost savings, while maintaining high support levels.

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