How IaaS is playing a key role in the fight against COVID-19

How IaaS is playing a key role in the fight against COVID-19

With the explosion of cloud computing and the worldwide rush to implement a remote and scalable workforce companies are learning the many advantages to having a hosted infrastructure.  With IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

allowing decision makers to reduce costs, increase efficiency and create a platform that is highly adaptable and scalable, it has become an important factor in the fight against COVID-19.

IaaS has helped companies around the world by allowing them to either temporarily scale back, or in the case of the healthcare industry, drastically scale up their environment to meet the unexpected demand.  This would not have been possible at the rate it was achieved without the cloud and IaaS. The scalability of IaaS combined with the ability to only pay for what you use has made IaaS extremely advantageous to those who are currently leveraging it.

The advantages don’t cease to exist once we all go back to normal life either.  By moving your organization’s infrastructure to the cloud you are no longer responsible for any server hardware. This allows your organization to focus those resources on the most critical aspects of your business such as helping it grow.

Finally, as your organization grows you will no longer need to worry about completely rebuilding your IT infrastructure to accommodate your thriving business.  Instead, you will simply call us at Vintage IT Services and tell us what resources you need to scale up/down and let us take care of the rest!