Bandwidth Hogs and Managed IT Services

When it comes to matters of network performance, bandwidth consumption and related technology resource issues, business owners should monitor and measure usage. Businesses can experience usage and performance problems when a handful of employees use up the majority of their network resources. Businesses do so much online these days — voice, email,  accounting and customer service — that there are constant demands on corporate bandwidth and related resources.

Among the problems are slower access speeds, and poorer wireless access. Video is probably the biggest culprit, but it’s not the only one. Even applications that might be acceptable for some employees, such as listening to music while working, might cause an issue when streamed online. Watching the World Cup, March Madness, etc., are other examples of user bandwidth hogs.

With the increased capabilities available from cloud applications, it is a good idea to ensure that your company has adequate bandwidth.  Please contact us for ideas on how to monitor your company’s bandwidth usage, or to see if your company qualifies for a no-cost site audit.