What You Need to Know About 5G

With all of the misinformation out there we thought we would clear up some of the confusion.

Here are a few facts to better understand what our future holds with 5G.

What Is It?

5g stands for the 5th generation of mobile broadband. It was designed to connect high-density environments so that all of your computers and smart devices, such as TVs, dog collars, and refrigerators, have the connectivity and bandwidth they require.

According to Qualcomm, 5g will be able to boost capacity by 4 times over the current technology. Overall, it will provide faster speeds and responsiveness along with the ability to connect 4 times the number of devices to your Wi-Fi network.

How 5G Will Affect Our Future

Upgrading to 5g will allow cities to save billions of dollars because they will be able to handle data from more devices and will not need to be repairing or replacing equipment as often.

Driverless cars are also an option of the future, but for them to become fully autonomous they will need the ability to communicate with the other cars around them instantly. 5g will expedite bringing driverless cars to the market because of its ability to support millisecond-level latencies.

Not only will 5g create more jobs due to the increased access and faster speeds, but will also bring to the table the ability to watch sports games, tv shows, and other events streaming live worldwide without the latency that is currently an issue for many such streams!

We will have to give 5G some time of course. It took 4G 10 years to fully blossom to its full potential. We are excited to see what 5G has in store for us!



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