Top 5 Ways to Protect against Crypto-Currency Scams

As the use of crypto-currency increases, so does the risk of being a target for scammers. Tom Merritt offers five tips for defending against crypto-currency scams.

Crypto-currency is hot. You can buy a car with it… Heck, you can buy a tweet with it. When anything is hot, it becomes a target for scammers. So, it’s time to defend yourself. Here are five ways to protect yourself against crypto-currency scams.

  1. Know if you’re a target. If you operate in the crypto-currency industry, you are. If crypto-currency is related to what you do—especially if it’s Fintech-—you might also be a target.
  2. Be prepared. Develop systems that detect infringements on your brand, domain name and more. Make sure your customers know how to tell when it’s actually your company they’re dealing with.
  3. Protect your employees. Educate them on best practices and run URL scanning on your network to help block malicious links.
    Practice safe web browsing. You and your employees should avoid visiting questionable sites and downloading unknown apps.
  4. Don’t click. Whether it’s an email, or elsewhere, don’t click on that suspicious link. If you’re too tempted, you can run it through a link scanner like CheckPhish.

These tips are similar to most security practices. Crypto-currency is just the latest vector in which fraudsters and malicious actors will try to get at you. Get more information on how to protect yourself in Lance Whitney’s TechRepublic article, How to protect your organization and yourself from crypto-currency scams.