Tips for Remote Students

With the local public school systems announcing that the first three weeks of school will be held remotely and the good possibility that this timeline will be extended we felt it would be a perfect time to share some tips on remote learning.   We have spoken with some of our techs and their teacher spouses to formulate these recommendations.

Recommendations from a Technician:

1) Have your student perform their work in a location that you can police their online activity.

2) Provide your student with a comfortable chair that provides lumbar support and helps them maintain good posture.

3) Ensure your student takes a break from the screen every couple of hours.  Even a walk around the yard/block will work.

4) Keep some form of lighting on for them other than the computer screen to avoid eye strain and sensitivity to light.

Recommendations from a Teacher: 

1) Provide them with a designated workspace with limited visual and auditory distractions.

2) For younger learners, provide them with a mouse or touchscreen as a trackpad can be difficult and cause frustration.

3) When your child is frustrated give them a break, they can’t learn when they’re in that mode.

4) Keep in contact with your child’s teacher for ideas on ways to accommodate work to your child as needed.

5) Allow for opportunities for self-directed learning; keep them engaged in schoolwork by also allowing them to do projects of interest.

We hope these suggestions help you and your student make a smoother transition to remote learning.  Many of us in the technology field have worked remotely and understand all too well the difficulties it presents.  However, once you are able to overcome the initial hurdles you will find that it also has many advantages and allows your family to spend much more time together.