Tips for Taking Care of Your Laptop

Whether you need to delay a new laptop purchase because of finances, want to reduce your contribution to the e-waste problem, or simply have more important things to think about, there’s a lot you can do to stretch the lifespan of your existing system.

With some basic computer care, you can extend the life of your computer by years and enjoy a more efficient performance, too.

Here Are a Few Tips on Laptop Care to Keep It Running Smoothly, Efficiently, and for a Longer Period of Time

Keep your laptop COOL. Consistently checking and cleaning the fans will help keep your laptop from overheating. They also need to be elevated, on a desk, and kept out of the heat.

Clean your Laptop regularly. Like everything else, without cleaning your laptop it will become dirty quickly. Make sure you are taking care of it by cleaning the outside and the inside of the laptop. Check out How to Clean Your Laptop Inside & Out for more information.

Try your best to keep your laptop protected. This means keeping it away from pets and kids if possible, and do NOT leave it hanging off the edge of a desk, couch, chair, ottoman, etc. When transporting your laptop, you should keep it in a cushioned protective case.

If there are any corrections or upgrades that need to be done on your pc, try to take care of them sooner rather than later. Many things need to be maintained on laptops, from upgrading hardware to simply updating software.

Using accessories such as an external keyboard, mouse, or monitor — even cheap ones — may help save wear and tear on the built-in components and hinge. If you are constantly moving between desktop locations, getting a dock or hub for those external devices is worth getting. This will save wear and tear on the connections from constant plugging and unplugging. It also adds extra ports, which is another perk that will extend the useful life of your laptop.

Break your bad habits! Many habits that we have while working is what is causing the wear and tear on our computers. Habits such as letting your computer get hot to the touch, using unsafe cleaning supplies, letting your battery almost die, shutting down multiple times a day, neglecting software updates, and also refraining from turning your computer off before transporting are a few of many habits we need to break.

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