How To Keep Your Team Productive While Working At Home

With companies all over the U.S. and the world mandating or encouraging remote work, here are ways to keep your employees getting critical work done.

While many employees already do some work remotely, many workers and managers are still trying to adjust to this paradigm shift.

Working from home means more distractions, fewer ways to interact naturally with fellow employees, and more social isolation — all of which can lead to less productivity.

To overcome these challenges, employers should explore new ways to manage and collaborate with employees and enable more ways for employees to connect with each other.

Here Are a Few Tips to Help Keep Your Team More Productive

Give Your Employees A Sense of Belonging: Employees that know they are valued are likely to be happier and more productive while working

Define Specific Goals for Remote Users: When working remotely, it is easy for users to get distracted by their surroundings. Set goals and a schedule to help make sure they stay on track.

Improve Your Communication Strategy: Since we do not have the in-person communication that we are used to, we need to try new ways to communicate with our fellow teammates. For Example, many businesses are using Zoom and Microsoft Teams to better engage employees

Establish Daily Check-Ins! Check-in with your employees daily. Creating a daily check-in routine is an important way to set priorities and foster connections. A morning check-in via video chat, phone call, or instant message can create a sense of normalcy. These check-ins can be one-on-one or held among small groups.

Keep Relevant Information Easily Accessible: This will change the way employees search for and find information that makes them more productive.

Establish A Work – From – Home Policy

Provide Emotional & Steady Support: Many people are feeling completely isolated and can easily have negative feelings while working from home. When checking in with your employees, be sure to check on their mental health and well being also.

Organize Team-Building Activities So That Remote Workers Get the Chance to Meet With Each Other: Getting together in person once or twice a year to discuss the future of the company and strengthen team relationships is crucial for remote employees to feel connected.

Dress For Success! Even though you are not going to the office physically, it makes a difference in your day to dress up! Dressing up for yourself can also mentally help you feel better, making it easier to focus on checking important tasks off your list. Dressing appropriately also allows employees to feel more comfortable hopping on an impromptu video call with clients or coworkers.