DaaS and Scalability

It is time for part three of our video breakdown.  For today’s topic we are going to discuss Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and its scalability.  DaaS allows you to scale up and down quickly as your needs change.

Simply due to the nature of its system, DaaS is incredibly scalable. With traditional setups, user workstations and profiles add up quickly, and capacities are quickly reached, resulting in time-consuming and costly reconsideration and upgrades.  And, upon removing a user, you suddenly are left with unused hardware that has to be reconfigured in order to be used by a new user.

DaaS eliminates this problem entirely. As it is a subscription-based service, you’re rarely left with unused assets, always getting your money’s worth. With DaaS, your business can remove users easily. You will not have to reconfigure the workstation before assigning it to a different employee, which allows you to save money.

DaaS is ideal for your growing business because it can scale the system to your needs at any given time. Even if your business goes through periods of high growth, you’ll be able to scale your desktops without having to invest heavily in hardware. With DaaS, updates and upgrades can be applied instantly and with relatively little cost. This is far from the pain and hassle that comes standard with a traditional workstation infrastructure. Vintage IT Services’ DaaS allows your company to remain organized and flexible, even in its IT infrastructure. This is crucial to maximizing productivity, and you’ll likely see an instantaneous upgrade in efficiency.

Vintage IT Services provides the latest, most powerful storage, server and networking technology. DaaS gives you on-demand scalability, added flexibility and greater agility.  If you are interested in speaking to someone about what DaaS can do for your team, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.