DaaS and Cost Effectiveness

It is time for part two of our video breakdown.  For today’s topic we are going to discuss Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and its cost effectiveness.

Desktop-as-a-Service provides users with virtual desktops that are hosted on a Vintage Cloud server. This makes it easier for IT professionals because it automates the tedious task of logging on to each and every computer in the enterprise in order to make the same changes. With DaaS, a major upgrade takes place only once at Vintage IT Service’s host console and this change is available for every individual’s virtual desktop when they log in.  Especially for smaller enterprises, DaaS is a cost effective solution that relieves them from the IT responsibilities of maintaining their own infrastructure for their virtual desktops and applications.

After setting up your hosted virtual desktops, the total cost of ownership for each workstation will be drastically reduced. It has been estimated in an IDC Whitepaper that DaaS can decrease hardware capital expenditure by 56% and can also reduce ongoing operating expenses. Without the need for a local hard disk and the reduction of power consumption, a virtual desktop can cost half the amount of a conventional PC.

In a conventional desktop environment, new software can necessitate costly hardware upgrades. The hosted nature of DaaS allows existing client hardware to remain unchanged saving money and time.

In addition to the savings on workstations, DaaS can take the place of your file server and/or domain controller.  By potentially removing the need for these 2 physical servers you are not only saving tens of thousands of dollars by not having to purchase the hardware, you will also save on software, licensing, support, electricity and everything else that comes with maintaining physical servers on site.

While we were only able to scratch the surface on the savings that a DaaS solution provides, you can see that it will potentially save your company thousands of dollars in operating costs. If you are interested in speaking to someone about what DaaS can do for your team please do not hesitate to reach out to us.